Creative Team

Project Credits

Project Sponsors:

  • Forestry Innovation Investment, a Crown Corporation of the Province of British Columbia
  • Canada Wood Export Program, through Natural Resources Canada
  • StructureCraft Builders
  • Bing Thom Architects
  • Fast + Epp Structural Engineers
  • James K.M. Cheng Architects
  • The Canada Council for the Arts, Architecture Program
  • Western Red Cedar Export Association
  • Aeroplan
  • Air Canada Cargo
  • Concord Pacific Development
  • Westbank Development Corporation
  • Arthur Erickson Conservancy

Overall Project Team:

  • Creative Director and Producer: Trevor Boddy
  • Managing Director: Michael Heeney
  • Finance Director: Tina VanSteen
  • London Head: Dennis Sharp
  • Graphic Design Directors: Jane and Steven Cox, Sebastien Cantin
  • London Head: Dennis Sharp
  • Travel Co-ordinator: Hilary Jorgensen
  • Funding Advisor: Hilary Meredith
  • UBC Belkin Gallery Liaison: Annette Wooff, Scott Watson
  • BCFII Liaison: Jason Martin
  • Canada Council Liaison: Danielle Wiley
  • Vancouver Press/Public Relations: Curve Communications, Trevor Boddy

Exhibition Team:

  • Exhibition Curators: Dennis Sharp, Trevor Boddy
  • Curatorial Assistant: Peeroj Thakre, ph5 Architecture
  • Graphic and Exhibition Design: Cause + Affect Design
  • Oval Video Footage: Real Productions
  • Oval Animation Footage: Luke Epp, Santiago Diaz/StructureCraft Builders
  • Arthur Erickson Conservancy Liaison: Cheryl Cooper
  • BTA liaison: Judy Chow, Helen Ritts
  • James Cheng Architects Liaison: Joyce Drohan
  • Fast + Epp Liaison: Paul Fast, Sandi Wiggins